Kanae Sekiguchi

Tokyo Japan


I'm a native Japanese speaker and lived 30 years in Tokyo Japan.For this reason,I can teach you real Japanese conversation and culture,life,food,good place etc.

-About lessons-

✶From materials
※I will send you the materials(PDF)

✴For beginners
Firstly, I will teach you really basic things. For example, how to introduce yourself in Japanese and read the Japanese alphabet which is called hiragana, basic grammar, and easy vocabulary.
I’ll fix your grammar and pronunciation any time.
After a couple of lessons, we can start the conversation using what you learned.

✶For intermediate or advanced
I can tell you the natural expressions Japanese people use on usual days.
And I will ask you how come you want to study Japanese, After that I will make your study plan considering your goal and interests.

✶Topic discussion
We are going to discuss many kinds of topics like life, relationships, social media,etc.

Let's speak a lot of Japanese in the lessons.

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